Why Dissent Matters- Discussion Questions

  1. What was your overall reaction to this book?  Did you find the "case study" format effective?
  2. Did you sense any bias in the book other that that revealed by the author  himself?  Is it possible to avoid bias altogether?
  3. Which section did you find the most enlightening?  Why?
  4. To which dissenter did you most relate?
  5. Can an 'assigned dissenter' ever assume the rôle of a true dissenter?
  6. What are the key characteristics of a dissenter?  What qualities do they have that most people don't?
  7. If dissent is so valuable, why don't we always designate someone to play the "devil's advocate" when making any important decision?
  8. Duding the "Harper Era" there was a 'war on dissent".  Was this just the tip of the iceberg?
  9. Consider the rôle of the whistleblower.  Do these people deserve protection?
  10. Can we think of other times when our most strongly held beliefs turned out to be untrue?
  11. What is the effect of "group think" as it resists the messages of dissenters?
  12. The 1960's was born in dissent.  To what extent were the societal changes effected by dissenters?
  13. Do you believe that dissenting voices are more respected today or in your youth?
  14. Do all revolutions, social or political, begin with dissenters?
  15. Did Trump rise to power by being the voice of dissent?  How were so many people deceived?
  16. What can we do to support the causes of dissenters? Does  social media have a rôle to play?
  17. Greta