Discussion Questions

Questions from the AmnestyInternational Book Club

  1. What did you think of Medicine Walk? Which aspects did you appreciate, and which aspects were most challenging?
  2. Why do you think the author used the anonymity of the characters at the beginning and again at the end?
  3. Franklin seems to accept the role of listener on the journey with his father. Do you think he was committed to hearing everything his father had to say? What do you think Franklin felt about all he learned?
  4. What allows for forgiveness, in a general sense? Do you think Eldon expected to be forgiven after telling his story? Do you think Franklin forgave him? If not, what do you think Franklin got out of the journey?
  5. Bucky appears to be a complex character, yet remains mostly unexamined in Medicine Walk. Why do you think that is?
  6. What is the significance the time spent in Becca’s cabin?
  7. The plot unfolds slowly with a focus on characters. Was this effective?
  8. How does Wagamese draw us into the plot even though one can sense where the story is heading?
  9. Is Medicine Walk a commentary on the problematic nature of reconciliation on a grander level? Is Wagamese using Medicine Walk to explain his experience and feelings surrounding reconciliation in Canada as a whole?
  10. Discuss the cultural aspects of the story. What symbols and imagery does the author use to enhance and support Aboriginal culture?
  11. Was the outcome of the story redeeming? For who?
  12. What will you take away (internalize, synthesize) from this book?